El Paso Electric Files to Refund Fuel Costs to Texas Customers

August 6, 2012

On August 3, 2012 El Paso Electric filed a request with the Public Utility Commission of Texas to refund $6.64 million in over-collected fuel and purchased power costs through June 2012.   In its filing, EPE is asking to refund the over-collection in September 2012.

If the PUCT approves the request to implement the refund, the average residential customer using 600 kWh per month will see a decrease in their September 2012 electric bill of $5.19.

Under Texas law, fuel costs are adjusted periodically to assure that utilities collect only their actual fuel costs.  Over-collection of fuel costs results in a credit (refund) to customers, while under-collection of fuel costs results in a charge (surcharge) to customers to compensate for the under-recovery.