El Paso Electric Monitoring New Mexico Wildfires

May 28, 2012

El Paso Electric (EPE) is closely monitoring two wildfires in New Mexico.  The larger fire, Whitewater, is more than 18 miles away from one of EPE’s transmission lines that carries power from the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station to EPE’s service territory.  Another smaller fire, near Aragon, NM, is approximately five miles from EPE’s transmission line.  However, because of the resources being deployed to contain the fires and the fact that EPE has proactively cleared the path of its transmission line this past year, it is not expected that either the Whitewater or Aragon fire pose any immediate threat to the operation of EPE’s transmission lines. 
El Paso Electric is monitoring these fires closely and will keep customers informed if there are any significant changes that could impact service.  No conservation measures or restrictions are expected at this time.  As always, El Paso Electric is providing this information to assure our customers we are working 24/7 to provide the safest most reliable service to you.