El Paso Electric Prepares to Send Crews to Areas Hit by Hurricane Sandy

October 29, 2012

El Paso Electric has received a request to send crews to help in the restoration of power in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and the northeast storms.  Baltimore Gas and Electric, which serves approximately 1.2 million electric customers in a 2,300-square-mile area encompassing Baltimore City and all or part of 10 Central Maryland counties, requested EPE’s assistance.

El Paso Electric is making preparations to send three crews, approximately 17 people, in addition to bucket trucks, boom trucks and other equipment.  Depending upon the severity of the storm and logistics, deployment of vehicles has been tentatively scheduled for Wednesday morning, October 31. EPE employees will leave El Paso and Las Cruces later in the week.

“The widespread outages expected to be caused by Hurricane Sandy will affect millions of residents in several large areas on the eastern seaboard,” said Tom Shockley, El Paso Electric Chief Executive Officer.  “EPE is glad to be able to offer assistance to eastern electric utilities as they work to get power back up to those in need.  There is no doubt our crews will work hard to repair the damage caused by this storm.”

El Paso Electric is coordinating logistics and other scheduling information with electric regional assistance groups.