El Paso Electric’s LivingWise Program Recognizes Loma Heights Elementary

February 20, 2013

Teachers and kids know how to save Energy and Water

NM LivingWise Program

Students in New Mexico have learned how to save energy and water. How much? The electric annual savings produced by the program in El Paso Electric’s New Mexico service territory have saved enough electricity to power 228 single-family homes, and the greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 386 passenger vehicles for one year.

Students at Loma Heights Elementary participate in the El Paso Electric LivingWise Program, which educates students and their parents on the importance of conserving energy. The program is designed to investigate and measure energy and water usage in homes, while building knowledge of current environmental issues.

El Paso Electric recognized teachers at Loma Heights Elementary who have excelled in teaching the LivingWise Program. Teachers Lesli Gomez, Denise Puentes, Jeremy Sanchez and Anna Torres have taught this program to a combined 351 students since 2008, with 80 participating this school year. Loma Heights students produced high energy savings by installing the energy efficient products from a kit that is part of the program. The class also demonstrated gained knowledge about energy, where it comes from, and how it can be saved.

“Thank you so much for the recognition!” said teacher Lesli Gomez. “I’ve taught the Program because it is a great hands-on program where kids can explore how to save energy and water.”

“El Paso Electric is proud to honor Loma Heights Elementary,” said Paul Royalty, Manager of Energy Efficiency and Utilization at El Paso Electric. “We have been offering the LivingWise Program to teachers in both our New Mexico and Texas service territories for the past five years. Every year, we are happy to see so many students have this opportunity to learn about energy efficiency thanks to the dedication of teachers at the schools.”

The LivingWise Program enables students and teachers to discuss the significance of energy conservation through carefully designed lesson plans and in-classroom activities. At the end of the in-class portion of the program, each student receives an El Paso Electric LivingWise kit to take home. Each student receives his or her own guide, workbook and LivingWise kit. The kit contains compact fluorescent lamps, a high-efficiency showerhead, a kitchen faucet aerator, a digital thermometer, a flow-rate test bag, a FilterTone® alarm, nightlight and a natural resource fact chart. The students share their new knowledge and install the products with their families, reducing residential energy usage.

Resource Action Programs® developed the LivingWise Program, which supports New Mexico state academic standards for science, math and language.

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