EPE Summer Interns Announce Social Responsibility Project

June 28, 2017

El Paso Electric’s (EPE) Summer College and High School interns announced their company-wide program for this year’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative.

This year’s interns are addressing the community issue of domestic violence. As part of their initiative, they will hold an educational Awareness Week at EPE’s Stanton location on the week of July 10, which will focus on teaching EPE employees about a wide range of topics related to domestic violence. The project includes a partnership with the Center Against Sexual and Family Violence (CASFV), and fundraising efforts will go towards furnishing a new emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence.

 “This project – this year and years prior - is important because we have an opportunity to make a positive difference in the company and in the community,” said Erin Wells, EPE’s Environmental Department Intern. “Not many people our age have the resources and support to make such a big impact on a societal issue like domestic violence.”

EPE interns took the opportunity to educate themselves about domestic Violence and met with the Executive Director of CASFV, Stephanie Karr.

“We learned that domestic violence is a really pressing issue pressing in the border community. As we move forward with our project, it is important for us to understand the causes and effects of domestic violence as well as existing resources for victims in our community,” said Christopher Ramirez, Renewable Department intern.

The CSR Initiative is a yearly project chosen and executed by the El Paso Electric Summer College and High School interns. The project helps interns strengthen their project-planning and team-work skills while giving them a chance to give back to their community.  In the past, interns developed a school supply drive, built the first Born Learning Trail in El Paso’s Northeast Veterans Park, and installed 13 “Little Libraries” around EPE’s service territory.