Hatch Public Schools and Businesses Save Money with El Paso Electric’s Energy Miser Program for Vending Machines

April 2, 2012

Hatch establishments that use vending machines and reach-in coolers are saving money and energy by taking advantage of the Energy Miser program from El Paso Electric.

The Hatch Public Schools, Rio Valley Chili, Masson Farms and Jim’s Supermarket have signed on to the program and are saving annually 40,000 kWh of electricity and $3,500 collectively as part of this program.

“The school district was excited to take advantage of this program,” said Matt Derrick, Network Engineer, Hatch Public Schools.  “What a great savings to us. Now our machine is working efficiently.”

A typical vending machine consumes $325 of electricity each year.  By using Energy Miser products from El Paso Electric, businesses can reduce the electricity use of cold drink vending machines and reach-in coolers by up to 40% and save more than $100 in electricity costs per vending machine annually.

“This device will save energy and money for anyone who has a vending, cooler or snack machine,” said Paul Royalty, Manager of Energy Efficiency and Utilization at El Paso Electric.  “It is a great way to save energy and money.”

Businesses who are interested in participating in the program can obtain more information by visiting the El Paso Electric website at, or contacting Billy Massie at , (575) 523-3570