SCAM ALERT: El Paso Electric and the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Warn Customers of a Rise in Scams

March 11, 2015

El Paso Electric (EPE) and the El Paso County Sheriff's Office warn customers of utility scams involving individuals falsely representing El Paso Electric customer service representatives. EPE and the Sheriff's Office (SO) have seen a rise in the number of customer complaints involving scam artists requesting immediate payment or services will be terminated. Other scams involve asking for personal information or simply demanding payment for current balances.

Customers should be mindful not to provide personal information to any unknown party over the phone and should be aware that EPE will never ask for payment over the phone. If there is any question about the authenticity of anyone claiming to represent our EPE, they should contact EPE directly and report the issue immediately.

EPE and the SO recommend the following tips to protect costumers from potential scams:

• Be suspicious of callers asking for payment especially if they ask to be paid with a prepaid debit card. EPE has various payment methods through authorized payment options.

• Do not offer confidential information unless the customer initiated the contact with EPE customer care.

• If there is a question regarding the authenticity of the caller claiming to represent EPE, report the issue at (915) 543-5970, (575) 526-5555 or call toll free at (800) 351-1621. 

For a complete list of EPE authorized payment options or financial assistance, please visit