Summer Scams Continue

July 26, 2013

El Paso Electric advises customers, both residential and commercial, to be aware of nationwide utility scams involving individuals falsely representing utility companies.

Customers are contacted over the phone by these swindlers.  The swindlers use a device that will make it appear that they are calling from El Paso Electric.   These scammers change their technique periodically.  Some request personal information or demand payment for a past-due balance, others ask for payments to replace faulty equipment. Most scams require an immediate payment be made using a prepaid card to prevent the service from being shut off.

El Paso Electric offers the following tips to customers to protect themselves from the scams:

  • Be suspicious of callers asking for a payment using a prepaid debit card. El Paso Electric will accept different payment methods through several authorized payment options, but EPE will not require the use of a prepaid debit card.
  • El Paso Electric discourages customers from providing personal and confidential information to any unknown party over the telephone unless the customer initiated the contact.
  • Anyone with questions about the authenticity of the call or anyone representing El Paso Electric may call El Paso Electric’s customer service number (915) 543-5970 / (575) 526-5555 or toll free to 1-800-351-1621. This will ensure you are speaking to an El Paso Electric representative.

Customers can visit El Paso Electric’s website,, for additional information.