Surcharges Related to TX Rate Case Effective October 1

September 30, 2016

On August 18, 2016, the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) issued a Final Order approving the Stipulation and Agreement (Settlement Agreement) reached earlier in the year between EPE and a majority of the parties to Docket No. 44941, EPE’s recent Texas rate case filing, as well as resolving the outstanding issues not addressed in the Settlement Agreement.  As a part of the negotiations that led to the Final Order, EPE is allowed to recover the value of these issues through surcharges to all Texas customers.  

Surcharges associated with the incremental Four Corners Generating Station costs, rate case expenses and the relation back of rates back to consumption on and after January 12, 2016, will become effective for Texas customers on October 1, 2016. Customers will see the new surcharges in their utility bills as early as Monday, October 3, 2016.

A residential customer using an average of 625 kWh per month will see an average monthly bill increase of $2.91 for the three combined surcharges, broken out as $1.92 for the Relate Back surcharge, $0.78 for the Four Corners Incremental Rate Rider, and $0.21 for the Rate Case Expense surcharge.