Report an outage

Report the Outage

MyEPE Outage App

EPE customers can report an outage on the MyEPE app from the app store and begin to stay connected. Click here for more information and download the app today.

Call us

Keep the El Paso Electric Trouble and Outage Line number near the phone to report an outage, as well as trouble or emergencies related to electric service.

To report an outage in Texas call (915) 877-3400 and in New Mexico call (575) 523-7591.

Automated telephone lines will prompt you to leave important information that will help El Paso Electric send out crews to the affected areas quickly.  When a call is received on these lines,  whether the customer talks to a customer service representative or leaves a message, El Paso Electric will dispatch service crews. You don’t need to call more than once, unless your neighbors have power restored and you don’t. In addition, after restoration is completed, customers may receive an automated call from El Paso Electric verifying that their power is indeed back on.