Typical non-residential bills consist of the following tariff schedule components:

  • Customer Charge: The customer charge is to recover those costs incurred in making service available including meter and meter reading costs, billing, record keeping and customer service costs.
  • Energy Charge: The energy charge is to recover costs associated with producing and distributing electricity.
  • Demand Charge: If applicable, this charge recovers a portion of EPE's fixed investment and operating costs associated with generation, transmission and distribution facilities that are in place to meet customer demand for electricity any time.
  • Federal Tax Credit Factor (FTCF): Credit as a percent (%) factor applied to non-fuel base rate charges. The reduction will appear as a separate line item and titled "Federal Tax Credit".
  • Fuel and Purchased Power Cost Adjustment (FPPCAC)
    • This cost adjustment is to recover fuel and purchase power expenses. See below in Fuel & Purchased Power Cost Adjustments for current month FPPCAC and 12 month history.
  • EUERF - Efficient Use of Energy Recovery Factor Rate No. 17
    • This charge recovers the cost of energy efficiency programs from the customer classes that receive services under such programs. For information on energy efficiency programs, please click here.
  • Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) Cost Rider No. 38
    • This rider is established to recover Renewable Portfolio Standard ("RPS") Compliance Costs.
  • Franchise Fees
    • This charge recovers the fee assessed by a governmental entity for the right or privilege of rendering utility service within its corporate boundaries.
  • Taxes
    • This charge recovers the tax assessed by a governmental entity for utility service rendered.


Below are all the tariff schedules applicable to all non-residential customers.

To view the tariffs, click the appropriate rate below. The tariff schedules are saved in PDF format, so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print them. Adobe Acrobat Reader is available for free from the Adobe website. Click here to download.

You are entitled to receive information about the rates you are charged and the services available to you. Such information can be obtained by calling the El Paso Electric Customer Services Call Center at (915) 543-5970 or 1-800-351-1621. You may also make your request through e-mail to the following e-mail address: Rate Research


Most Common Tariff Schedules for Non-Residential Customers Effective Date
NM Small General Service Rate No. 03 - Less than 50 kW Demand 07/01/2016
NM General Service Rate No. 04 - Between 50 and 800 kW Demand 07/01/2016
NM Large Power Service Rate No. 09 - Over 800 kW Demand 07/01/2016
Other Available Tariff Schedules  
NM Private Area Lighting Rate No. 12 07/01/2016
NM Purchased Power Service Rate No. 16 03/01/2020
Small System Renewable Energy Certificate Purchase Rate No. 33 01/01/2017 
Medium System Renewable Energy Certificate Purchase Rate No. 34 01/01/2017 
Large System Renewable Energy Certificate Purchase Rate No. 35 01/01/2017
Voluntary Renewable Energy Rate No. 32 07/01/2016 
NM Supplementary Power Service Cogeneration and Small Power Production Facilities Rate No. 21 07/01/2016 
NM Backup Power Service for Cogeneration and Small Power Production Facilites Rate No. 22 07/01/2016 
NM Maintenance Power Service for Cogeneration and Small Power Production Facilites Rate No.23 07/01/2016 
NM Curtailable Power Service Cogeneration and Small Power Production Rate No. 24 07/01/2016 
NM Noticed Interruptible Service Rate No. 29 07/01/2016 
NM Load Retention Rate No. 30 07/01/2016
Special Type of Business Customers  
NM Irrigation Service Rate No. 05 07/01/2016
NM City County Service Rate No. 07 (Not available for new service) 07/01/2016
NM Water Sewage Storm Sewage Pumping or Sewage Disposal Rate No. 08 07/01/2016
NM Military Research and Development Power Rate No. 10 07/01/2016
NM Street Lighting Rate No. 11 02/22/2017
NM Seasonal Agriculture Processing Service Rate No. 19 07/01/2016
NM Outdoor Recreational Lighting Service Rate No. 25 02/22/2017
NM State University Service Rate No. 26 07/01/2016
Riders and Rate Adjustments  
NM FPPCAC Rate No. 18
- See Fuel & Purchased Power Cost Adjustments
  below for the monthly $/kWh adjustment.
NM EUERF Efficient Use of Energy Recovery Factor Rate No.17 03/06/2019
NM Miscellaneous Service Charges Rate No. 15 07/01/2016
Economic Development Rate No. 39 04/04/2017
eSMART Thermostat Program Rate No. 37 03/01/2017
Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) Cost Rider Rate No. 38 01/01/2020
Federal Tax Credit Factor (FTCF) 05/01/2018
Merger Rate Credit Factor (MRCF) 08/05/2020

Fuel & Purchased Power Cost Adjustments

The tariff schedules provided above are for informational purposes only.  The official tariff schedules are on file with the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission and shall prevail in the event of any differences.  El Paso Electric Company makes no warranty or representation that a particular tariff schedule chosen by a customer is available to or suitable for that customer. Customers are encouraged to contact El Paso Electric Company directly to make certain of the applicability of a desired tariff schedule for their service requirements.

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