Posted on June 15, 2018

2018 EP Electric Summer College Interns Return Home to Give Back

2018 EP Electric Summer College Interns Return Home to Give Back

In preparation for the upcoming summer season, seven local area interns will be getting ready for the project of a lifetime. Every summer, El Paso Electric (EPE) selects seven college students to participate in a 12-week-long internship program that helps them gain valuable job experience while giving back to the community. Through this program, interns will work closely with EPE employees and local high school interns to develop and implement a project that will benefit the region.

This year’s group is composed entirely of El Paso natives who attend prestigious schools outside the city, such as the University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M University, Texas Tech University, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The interns are placed throughout the company, working in departments such as the Legal, Renewables & Emergent Technologies, and Economic Research departments.

The Summer College Internship Program draws a lot of interest from local students because of the opportunity it provides them while they are home for the summer.

“I thought that going back to El Paso to intern for a prominent company like El Paso Electric would be a great idea because I would have a place to live, study, and work while still being close to my relatives,” said Daniel Gutierrez, Power Generation intern.

Although they will be working closely with their departments to gain experience that will prepare them for future careers, they will also use their time here to find a way to create a meaningful impact on the community through El Paso Electric’s Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative (CSR). In previous years, interns have created a Born Learning Trail at Veteran’s Park and hosted an Awareness Week for domestic violence. This year’s group will have to pick a cause to advocate for, build their project from the ground up, and rally support from employees and the community. Despite the challenges and trials ahead, they are eager to make a difference.


“I hope to impact the community in monumental ways this summer through our CSR project,” said Alejandra Acosta, Resource Planning Department intern. “By choosing a cause that is truly important to all of us, I hope to better educate the community about an issue that affects our region and make a tangible, lasting difference within the community.”

The summer college internship began at the end of May, and will continue through August.

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