Purchasing and Contract Policy

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EPE's policy is to procure all equipment, materials, supplies and services through centralized buying. Purchasing and contract services personnel support the Company's mission, while meeting the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct. The Company procures outside resources at the lowest evaluated cost - a combination of price, quality, delivery, reliability and service. EPE also strives to contract with small and historically underutilized businesses (HUBs), whenever economically feasible.

What El Paso Electric Purchases
The products and services which EPE purchases can be classified into the following six broad categories:

New construction, additions, repairs, remodeling, renovation, power lines, underground work, cable laying and asphalt paving

Professional Services
Legal, consulting, accounting, advertising/ marketing, architecture and training

Materials or tangible goods required to conduct business

Other Services
Contract labor, audio/visual, landscaping, decorative services, janitorial, travel and lodging

Major Equipment
Transmission and distribution, power plant, substation and fleet equipment

Any commodity or service not covered by the other categories