EPE Fast Facts

  • El Paso Electric (EPE) is required by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC) to submit a rate case review every four years (last rate case was December 18, 2017)
  • EPE filed the Texas rate review with the PUC on June 1, 2021
  • A rate case is the regulatory process that all public utilities must follow to formally change their rates
  • The rate filing is backwards looking; meaning that the investments that we have made have already been in use by customers and a rate review is the process for recovering those investments
  • We will not be allowed to recover on any investment made by EPE unless the PUC finds it to be a prudent and necessary expense
  • EPE is requesting $40.9 million in capital and operations and maintenance investments to address continuous customer and energy usage growth
  • Since 2017, EPE has invested nearly $1 billion into its infrastructure:
    • Distribution: $363.1 million
    • Transmission: $114.6 million
    • Palo Verde: $182.2 million
    • Local Generation: $178.5 million
    • Tech/Systems: $114.9 million
    • Total: $953.3 million
  • The regulatory process can take anywhere from six months to a year to reach a final approved decision
  • Although EPE filed/proposed to recover $40.9 million, the outcome will be determined by the PUC experts who closely review the request
    • As filed:
    • New investments will allow for EPE to better monitor, analyze, and optimize the grid
    • New Customer Care & Billing Web Portal to all customers to manage their account and report problems more easily
    • Joining the Energy Imbalance Market that increases reliability and enhances EPE’s use of Renewable Energy
    • Addresses additional growth within the service region and the necessary replacements made to infrastructure to ensure reliable service
    • Elimination of the minimum bill for those DG customers who have elected the demand charge time of day rate
    • Reduction to the minimum bill for all non-grandfathered distributed generation (DG) residential and small commercial customers, from the current $30 to $24.02 and $25.19 respectively
    • Return approximately $2.5 million in excess deferred taxes to customers over the next four years
    • Introduces a new plan to support the deployment of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to ensure our region is ready for the transition to EVs
    • More information at https://www.epelectric.com/texas-rate-case
    • City of El Paso Suspends Rates (6.22.21):
    • The suspension of rates is the first step in a rate case
    • This action allows for rates to be suspended for 90 days and that allows for municipalities to review the filing
    • El Paso Electric sees this time period as an opportunity to work collaboratively with the City of El Paso and all other parties on the filing
    • All Texas municipalities in our service area will be taking similar action
    • Nonprofit Contributions/Donations included in rate filing:
    • Expenses related to contributions is a PUC approved expense
    • After further review, we have decided to remove this request from the filing during the regulatory process
    • We remain committed to providing contributions to organizations throughout our service area
    • It is important to remember that our shareholder gave $100 million for economic development and that
      is not going to be recovered in rates
    • For more information on our community giving, visit

  • Advanced or Smart Meter System are next-generation digital, electric meters that wirelessly send regular meter readings to your energy provider in a safe, secure, and automatic way.
  • This provides more accurate billing, better power quality and reliability, and a better understanding of your energy usage and control of your bill
  • The smart meter system is the first step in developing Smart Communities, with things such as smart street lighting and traffic management controls


  • Enhanced customer service – The advanced data gathered assists our Customer Care representatives in expediting and more effectively addressing customer billing questions and concerns
  • Faster restoration – Outage locations and problems can be pinpointed, allowing for a quicker power restoration and more prevention of outages
  • Cost controls – Manage costs with online access to customized usage analytics; set up high-bill alerts and get personalized tips to help to avoid them
  • Remote meter reading and activation – Advanced meters can be read and controlled remotely, meaning no more waiting for estimated bills or meter readers and easier service activation or transfer
  • Improved access to your energy – Detailed, near-real-time usage information gives you more control over your energy use, down to 15-minute increments that show you what times of day you use the most energy
  • www.epelectric.com/ams

  • The proposal and development of Newman Unit 6 will meet the growing customer demand for energy and allow EPE to provide the reliability customers expect. Importantly, the new unit will allow future decommissioning of more costly, older, less efficient and less reliable generating units
  • Newman Unit 6 is only one piece of our future generation portfolio and remains a critical resource for all El Paso Electric (EPE) customers now and for those in the future
    • Air Permit
    • Newman Unit 6 will be equipped with state-of-the-art air pollution control reducing emissions of ozone precursors by 95% compared to the older units
    • Newman Unit 6’s greater efficiency reduces natural gas consumption and water consumption by 600 million gallons per year
    • EPE is continuing through the air permit approval process for Newman Unit 6 and stands by the merits of the permit application. EPE will continue to meet all regulatory requirements and work with all parties to do so

Kelly A. Tomblin, El Paso Electric President and CEO, issues a statement regarding the 2020 Rate Case Order issued today by the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission:

“We are very disappointed with the order issued today by the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (PRC) regarding our rate case proceeding filed in 2020 that was supposed to review New Mexico’s responsibility for $1.2 billion in total investments made by EPE since 2015. After a proceeding extending over more than a year, the PRC issued a decision which is not in the best interests of our customers.

There are three major decisions we find disconcerting in this order. First, with New Mexico recently implementing some of the most aggressive clean energy goals in the country, it is troubling that the PRC is not allowing EPE to utilize and recover on an existing carbon-free generation asset to serve our New Mexico customers. Second, the order does not allow EPE to recover the full cost of salaries and benefits for our employees, which is inconsistent with standard regulatory framework, including prior rate cases in New Mexico. Finally, the PRC’s order lowers EPE’s allowed return on equity, resulting in one of the lowest amongst all utilities in the United States, severely limiting the extent to which EPE can reasonably invest its capital in New Mexico.

This PRC order leaves EPE with no choice but to immediately appeal the decision to the New Mexico Supreme Court and may require EPE to file another rate case next year, a costly and administrative burden which will also delay EPE’s plans for investment in New Mexico. It is unfortunate that we need to take action that extends this case even longer, but it is necessary that EPE receives fair regulatory treatment in order to promote investment in the clean and reliable service our New Mexico customers deserve.”

  • Set your thermostat at 78°F or higher - every degree of extra cooling will increase energy usage six to eight percent
    • Raise your thermostat to 80°F or higher if leaving for more than four hours
  • Limit use of high consumption appliances between the hours of 4 to 8 p.m (cooking, laundering, and dishwashing)
  • Close interior blinds, drapes, or shades to block the sun and heat during warm weather
  • Use ceiling fans and portable fans to circulate the cooled air
  • Shade outside air conditioning units, or condensers
  • Consider using a clothesline instead of a clothes dryer

  • El Paso Electric (EPE) is experiencing three main factors which could lead to outages, these include:
    • Sustained hot weather; Customer and load growth in our region; Aging infrastructure at the distribution level (wires/cables and transformers) that EPE is addressing
  • Outages are expected to occur; sustained heat strains our grid and outages typically happen at substations and distribution
    • Consecutive triple-digit weather means that there is also additional, consecutive demand for energy as customers are relying on their A/C to stay cool
  • It is important to call us so we can send crews promptly (Smart Meters will automate the restoration process by finding the issue more quickly)
  • It is important to not panic; once reported, crews will work to restore power as safely and quickly as possible
  • El Paso Electric’s outage map is key to see impacted areas – Estimated Times for Restoration (ETR) are also provided. (If legend displays red bar, we are in a Multiple Outage Event and ETRs will not be available)
  • EPE’s goal is to minimize the number of outages and we are working on implementing technology (Smart Metering/ Advanced Metering Systems) that will help us get there.
  • El Paso Electric is consistently #1 in Reliability in Texas

  • El Paso Electric recommends that customers review their energy usage shown on their bill for this time last year to think about what can be done differently this summer to lower their energy usage
  • Spikes in energy bills correlate with hot weather because the harder air conditioning systems work to make homes comfortable, the more energy is needed
  • Customers’ electric bills are directly impacted by the amount of energy they use during their billing cycle, meaning the more energy they consume the higher their bill will be
  • El Paso Electric is consistently sharing energy saving tips with customers to help them lower their usage and bills, follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) or visit epelectric.com
  • Any measure taken by a customer to implement energy efficiency and energy conservation measures can help them reduce their energy usage and their bill, especially when the temperatures in our region rise during the summer season

  • Deciding to install rooftop solar is a customer choice
  • We recommend that customers read the fine print on contracts and understand the difference between purchasing and leasing
  • If there are any statements made that they will no longer receive an EPE bill, they should contact us before signing a contract
  • We typically hear that customers are told that they will “be off the grid” if they install solar panels and this usually not the case
  • A residential customer guide to solar power can be found on our website at epelectric.com by searching rooftop solar or by sending them this link: https://www.epelectric.com/renewables-tech/distributedgeneration/residential-consumer-guide-to-solar-power

  • At this time, we are not anticipating the same issue as other areas of Texas. We always encourage our customers to conserve energy where possible so they can help save on their bill and to help reduce strain on the grid during peak demand during the day. If this circumstance were to change, we would notify our customers through a formal announcement including media.

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