Queue Position 1: 100 MW Wind Amrad-Eddy 345 kV Line (Cluster)


Date of Request: 2008-10-01

Position in Queue: 1

Request Status Detailed: The Interconnection Customer (IC) exercised its right to suspend work associated with the construction and installation of its project effective May 8, 2013. EPE received a letter from the IC on December 10,2014 requesting termination of the Large Generator Interconnection Agreement (LGIA). As stated in Article 2.3.1 of the LGIA, EPE will terminate the LGIA after the 90-day advance notice period concludes on March 10, 2015.

Interconnected Capacity - Max MW (Summer / Winter)
Wind: 100 MW

Interconnection Point:
65 miles east of Amrad of Amrad-Eddy 345 kV line (Otero County, NM)

In-Service Date: 2014-12-31

Request is for: Network Resource Interconnection Service

Transaction: Request does not involve Transmission Provider or Affiliate

Affiliate: No

Other: No Ancillary Services or Transmission Requested