Time-of-Use Rate

Are you a customer who likes to take control of your energy use? If so, you might be interested in El Paso Electric’s time-of-use rate (TOU) option and the potential savings.

Under this rate program you pay lower rates during times when demand for electricity is lower and a higher rate during the time of the day when demand for electricity is higher. If you can shift electricity use away from onpeak hours to off-peak hours, this TOU rate program could possibly save you money. The more that you shift away from on-peak hours the more you could save.

The residential TOU monthly rate is a rate for residential customers with electric service in both our Texas and New Mexico service territories. This rate offers a lower rate during off-peak period times in the summer, with a slightly higher rate during the on-peak period.

For more information about TOU rates and on-peak hours, call us at 915-543-5970 in Texas, or 575-526-5555 in New Mexico.