Renewable Energy Projects

Wrangler Solar Facility

Project Type: Concentrated photovoltaic with dual axis tracking
Project Location: El Paso
Project Owner: El Paso Electric
Fuel Source: Solar
Project Capacity: 48 kW
Commercial Operation Date: October 2011

Wrangler Solar Facility

The facility utilizes Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) equipment provided by SolFocus.  CPV is an emerging technology gaining a foothold in the growing solar energy market.  The technology utilizes small, multi-junction cells with higher efficiencies than conventional crystalline panels.  Mirrors concentrate the sunlight onto the cells at 650 times the existing concentration and utilize dual-axis tracking to continuously track the sun.   El Paso is an excellent site for this technology as this region provides the proper solar irradiance for this technology.  The facility has 6 arrays that include 168 panels which contain 3,360 multi-junction cells.  The facility is expected to generate 48 kW at peak production with an expected 128,000 kWh yearly.

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01:00am - 04/20/2019


107,902 kwh (Yearly Projection)

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