Renewable Energy Projects

Hatch Solar Energy Center I, LLC

Project Type: SunPower monocrystalline solar panels
Project Location: Hatch, New Mexico
Project Owner: NextEra Energy Resources
Fuel Source: Solar
Project Capacity: 5 MW
Commercial Operation Date: July 2011

Hatch Solar Energy Center I, LLC

El Paso Electric purchases all the energy generated from the 5 MW  Hatch Solar Energy Center in Hatch, New Mexico under a 25-year purchase power agreement. The Center, which began operation in July 2011, is owned and operated by NextEra Energy Resources. The facility uses SunPower monocrystalline solar panels with dual-axis tracking to provide energy to service the electricity needs of 1,800 homes on an annual basis. 

This site's production over
the past 12 hours.

0 Kw

06:00pm - 12/31/1969


13,710,000 kwh (Yearly Projection)

0 kwh (Year to Date)

Power (kw)
Hours in Mountain Standard Time (MST) - 09/21/2018
* Number of homes powered for the year based on average home yearly energy consumption.
** Number of homes being powered based on average home hourly energy consumption.