Project Type: Bio-gas qualifying facility
Project Location: Sunland Park, NM, in the Camino Real Landfill
Project Owner: Four Peaks Energy, LLC
Fuel Source: Methane harvested from landfill gas
Project Capacity: 3.2 MW
Commercial Operation Date: March 2008

Project Description

The Camino Real Landfill is one of EPE’s energy providers. By using state-of–the-art technology, the landfill owners harvest the methane gas that is naturally produced when microorganisms that live in organic materials, such as food wastes, paper or yard clippings, cause these materials to decompose. The methane gas is then used as a fuel source to generate electricity. 

Landfill gas is collected by drilling wells into the landfills, and then collecting the gases through pipes. This landfill gas is processed and used to produce electricity in a generator. The methane can also be combined with natural gas to fuel conventional turbines or used to fuel small combustion or combined-cycle turbines. The landfill gas harvested from the Camino Real Landfill is used in two Caterpillar engines and the electricity generated is sold to El Paso Electric.