Project Type: Solar thin-film panels provided by First Solar
Project Location: Santa Teresa, New Mexico
Project Owner: NRG
Fuel Source: Solar
Project Capacity: 20 MW
Commercial Operation Date: August 2011

Project Description

El Paso Electric purchases 20 MW of electricity generated from solar power from the Roadrunner Solar Generating Facility located in Santa Teresa, New Mexico. The Roadrunner Solar Facility, which began operations in August 2011, is owned by NRG.  This facility provides enough energy to service the electricity needs of 5,700 homes on an annual basis. The Solar Roadrunner Plant uses thin-film panels provided by FirstSolar and single-axis tracking of the sun to capture solar rays and convert them into electricity.

Roadrunner Solar Plant production over the past 12 hours

* Number of homes powered for the year based on average home yearly energy consumption.
** Number of homes being powered based on average home hourly energy consumption.