Project Type: Mono-crystalline photovoltaic panels with fixed axis mounting
Project Location: El Paso
Project Owner: El Paso Electric
Fuel Source: Solar
Project Capacity: 31 kW
Commercial Operation Date: January 2012

Project Description

In January 2012, El Paso Electric added the 31 kW Stanton Tower Solar Installation to its generation portfolio. The Stanton Solar Installation is on the roof of El Paso Electric’s Corporate Headquarters at 100 N. Stanton. The project was constructed by Border Solar.  The facility utilizes mono-crystalline photovoltaic panels provided by SunPower. The installation has a total of 120 panels resulting in a rated capacity of 31 kW at peak production with an expected 67,471 kWh yearly.

Stanton Tower Solar Facility production over the past 12 hours

* Number of homes powered for the year based on average home yearly energy consumption.
** Number of homes being powered based on average home hourly energy consumption.