Project Type: Solar PV and wind demonstration/research building
Project Location: In the middle of African Exhibit within the El Paso Zoo’s Western Expansion Project
Project Owner: El Paso Zoo
Fuel Source: Sun and wind
Project Capacity: Approximately 3 kW solar and approximately 2 kW wind
Commercial Operation Date: April 2011

Project Description

The El Paso Electric Kalahari Research Station is located in the middle of the new African Exhibit at the El Paso Zoo. The building includes a 3 kW solar photovoltaic array and a 2 kW wind turbine which provides between 15 to 23 percent of the building’s electricity. In addition, the project provides educational benefits by demonstrating how renewable energy technologies work, as well as teaching the community about the benefits and practical uses of renewable energy and energy conservation. 

EPE funded the project through EPE’s Voluntary Renewable Energy Tariff. EPE’s Voluntary Renewable Energy Tariff is a mechanism by which EPE’s customers support renewable energy generation from EPE’s wind turbines. The money obtained through this voluntary program may be used to fund the acquisition of additional renewable resources, including demonstration projects, demand-side applications and distributed generation.

To see how much solar and wind power is being generated, click on this link:

El Paso Electric Kalahari Research Station Energy Kiosk