Project Type: Concentrated photovoltaic with dual axis tracking
Project Location: El Paso
Project Owner: El Paso Electric
Fuel Source: Solar
Project Capacity: 48 kW
Commercial Operation Date: October 2011

Project Description

The facility utilizes Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) equipment provided by SolFocus. CPV is an emerging technology gaining a foothold in the growing solar energy market. The technology utilizes small, multi-junction cells with higher efficiencies than conventional crystalline panels. Mirrors concentrate the sunlight onto the cells at 650 times the existing concentration and utilize dual-axis tracking to continuously track the sun.

El Paso is an excellent site for this technology as this region provides the proper solar irradiance for this technology. The facility has six arrays that include 168 panels which contain 3,360 multi-junction cells. The facility is expected to generate 48 kW at peak production with an expected 128,000 kWh yearly.

Wrangler Solar Facility production over the past 12 hours

* Number of homes powered for the year based on average home yearly energy consumption.
** Number of homes being powered based on average home hourly energy consumption.