Transmission Notices

July 20, 2018:  System conditions are such that EPE System Operations anticipates an EPIC limitation of 900 MW.  Arrangements to bring power into the EPE system above 900 MW should come from the Eddy DC Terminal until further notice.  SNMIC values are different from EPIC.  Customers interested in SNMIC availability consult the SNMIC values posted elsewhere.

Upcoming OATi OASIS NITS Changes

03-09-16-El Paso Electric Company (EPE) is working with OATi to prepare for the upcoming implementation of OATi software changes that will impact Network Integration Transmission Service (NITS) customers. The OATi software changes will allow for new functionality to designate and undesignate Network Resources through OASIS. Any NITS customer desiring instruction on the changes, or a demonstration of the new OASIS
fields, may contact EPE. Your point of contact is Brenda Delgado, 915-872-4513.

Outage Information

Outages or curtailments will no longer be posted on this site. You must reference the OATI web site for outage postings.