Base Case Requests

As a Transmission Provider, El Paso Electric Company (EPE) maintains base power flow, short circuit, and stability databases and network models including all underlying assumptions and contingency list information on its website as required by Federal Energy Regulatory Commission requirements.

This information contains data protected by the United States Government.  Access to this data is designed to comply with federal laws of the United States.  The data is protected by various provisions of the United States Code and other federal and state criminal and civil laws.  Violations are subject to fines and criminal prosecution in federal court.

To request access to this information, a Requester must fill out the registration form and electronically sign the non-disclosure agreement provided in the link below. After submittal an EPE agent will contact you. Each person that wishes to view or access EPE Base Case Data must fill out the registration form and sign the non-disclosure agreement.

Access to the information will be determined by your need to know the information.  EPE, as holder of the protected information, will make this decision at the time a request for access is made.  To apply for authorized access, you must have a need to know the specific information and be an Interconnection Customer on the EPE transmission system or have specific responsibilities to an Interconnection Customer on the EPE transmission system. If you are unsure of your entity's eligibility status, please contact

To report unauthorized access or disclosure, or other violations or suspected violations of the data protections accorded to this information, please contact

EPE Base Case Data Registration Form and Non-Disclosure Agreement