Business Services

El Paso Electric has made a commitment to improving customer satisfaction. EPE believes that by focusing on customer concerns such as increased reliability, added service and innovative programs, customer satisfaction will be achieved. At El Paso Electric, customer service is a responsibility that is taken very seriously.

Customer Service Information

Call 811 Before You Dig
If you are planning a job that requires digging, even if you plan to hire a professional, a call to 811 is required before you begin working. 811 is a free, FCC-designated national one-call number that connects a caller from anywhere in the country to the appropriate local one-call center.

Renewable Energy Interconnection
Customers installing and interconnecting a renewable energy generator reduce the energy requirements that would be normally taken from El Paso Electric. At the end of the billing month, El Paso Electric would read your bi-directional meter and measure the net kiloWatt hours (kWhs) flowing from or to the EPE system.  Net consumption is charged at the applicable rate and net production is credited based on EPE's Rate Schedule No. 48.

Power Outage Information for Businesses
Information on how to prepare for outages, minimize disruptions and protect your equipment.

El Paso Electric Warns Customers of Scams
El Paso Electric advises customers to be aware of nationwide utility scams involving individuals falsely representing utility companies.

Beware of Copper Theft
Copper theft has become a serious public safety issue in recent years as the price of copper in the U.S. has increased. People are increasingly being injured and killed while trying to steal copper wire. As a result, utilities across the country have been forced to respond with new measures for safeguarding their equipment and their employees from the dangers posed by these brazen thefts.

Workplace Safety
A brief compilation of generally accepted practices that should be adapted or modified to address the unique aspects of your working environment, your company policies, and local and/or state and Federal codes.

New Construction
El Paso Electric has a line extension policy that applies to new customers requiring new or additional electric service.

Energy Library
The library contains hundreds of pages of valuable information on residential and commercial energy topics as well as information describing the fundamentals of electricity - Electricity 101.