HVAC Tune-up Program

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High Performance HVAC Tune-up Program



El Paso Electric’s High Performance HVAC Tune-Up Program can help you save up to $200 toward the cost of qualifying efficiency repairs when you receive a High Performance HVAC Tune-Up on your refrigerated air conditioning (AC) system.  A High Performance HVAC Tune-Up can correct many common problems that prevent your system from operating efficiently, and can extend the life of the system, reduce energy costs, and improve your comfort.

Customer Eligibility

El Paso Electric’s Texas and New Mexico Commercial Customers with refrigerated air conditioning units ranging from 1.5 to 25 tons each, at least one year old, are eligible to participate once every 5 years to apply up to a $200 discount to the services.

Incentives for 2019: 

  • Commercial units eligible for up to $175 rebate/unit
  • Residential units eligible for up to $200 rebate/unit


Key Energy Savings Measures

  • Verify airflow is within capacity. Adjust if necessary.
  • Inspect filter. Change or clean if dirty.
  • Clean outdoor condenser coil. Comb if necessary.
  • Inspect indoor coil. Clean if dirty.
  • Inspect indoor blower. Clean if dirty.
  • Check refrigerant charge. Adjust to manufacturer specifications. 


Texas High Performance HVAC Tune-Up Contractors


For more information or to become a participating contractor please contact Don Johnson at (915) 351-4237.