Rollback Net Metering Approved in Senate Bill 1910

Senate Bill 1910, containing the provision for rollback net metering for small distributed renewable generation (DRG) facilities, has been signed into law by Texas Governor Rick Perry.  Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC) rules require EPE to file an updated tariff and receive approval before implementing the law’s new provisions.  EPE’s filing is already underway to change the tariff to comply with the legislation. 

Once approved, EPE will start billing under the revised tariff as soon as EPE receives authorization of the customer’s choice to be billed under the net metering option and their meter configuration is set up for net metering.  For customer convenience, a fill-in form will soon be made available on EPE’s website that can be used to confirm the customer’s choice of billing option.  Pending PUC approval of the tariff, EPE will be making the necessary changes to its system to allow for billing under this net metering option.

For questions about net metering program in Texas, please call EPE’s Corporate Development Department at (915) 521-4465 or (915) 543-5876.  We appreciate your business and the opportunity to provide you with safe, reliable electric service.