Demand Response Program

The eSmart Thermostat Program is an initial three year pilot demand response program that encourages utility customers to reduce their electricity use during peak hours or under certain conditions.  Peak electricity demand typically occurs on hot summer days when operating refrigerated air conditioning units.

The program will initially be available to up to 3,000 devices for residential and small general service customers in EPE’s total service territory who have central (refrigerated) air conditioning units, Wi-Fi in their home or business, and at least one eligible smart thermostat provided and installed by the customer. Through the eSmart Thermostat Program, EPE will remotely communicate with the smart thermostat connected to the customer’s central refrigerated A/C unit(s) in an attempt to reduce electrical load during a Demand Response event.  During these events, EPE will send a signal to the customer’s smart thermostat to modify the temperature setting by a few degrees. Each Demand Response event can last a maximum of four (4) hours in duration. Customers can easily opt out of an event at any time, for any reason. The applicable hours for Demand Response Events are 2:00 PM through 8:00 PM MDT, non-holidays weekdays during a Demand Response Season.

EPE is offering a one-time enrollment incentive of $125 for each smart thermostat enrolled by the customer and approved by EPE. In addition, a $25 annual participation incentive will be issued at the end of each Demand Response Season. The Demand Response Season is a period commencing June 1 and continuing through September 30 of each calendar year, during which the Company may initiate Demand Response events.

EPE plans to begin registering customers in late May to early June.  In the meantime, please provide EPE with your contact information via email at  Customers interested in this program will be notified when the program is open for enrollment.

If you have any further questions, you may contact EPE via e-mail at or by calling Angie Rodriguez at 915-521-4465 or Liz Agüero at 915-351-4218.