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March 3, 2021: GoEV Savings Program Virtual Event

EV Community Charging Towards Change

In 2020, we launched the EV Community to promote the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) by enabling industry experts and enthusiasts to connect. Now, we’re going further by introducing the new GoEV Savings Program — a unique incentive program designed to help more people go electric. We kicked things off with the GoEV Savings Program Virtual Event. COMING SOON you can take a listen here - so stay tuned!

Sept. 30, 2020: EPE's EV Community Virtual Launch Event
If you missed our EV Community Virtual Launch Event, you can see the recorded event by clicking here. The free virtual event took place on September 30, 2020 during National Drive EV Week. Attendees heard from EV owners about the benefits of their EVs, learned about the history of EVs, saw side-by-side comparisons of various EVs, and much more.
We look forward to seeing you at our next event! Keep updated by joining the EV Community - together we are charging towards change!
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