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Smart Meters Coming to
Texas and New Mexico

Smart Meters are coming
to New Mexico and
Texas in 2023

Smart Meters

Coming Soon: Smart meters for all El Paso Electric customers

As part of our commitment to provide the best customer experience possible, EPE is replacing its current meters with state-of-the-art smart meter technology beginning in spring 2023.

What is a Smart Meter?

A smart meter tracks energy use in real time and sends the data directly to EPE through a secure communication network.

What are the customer benefits?

Access to energy consumption data in near real time
Access to energy consumption data in near real time
Better control of energy costs
Better control of energy costs
Faster outage notification and restoration
Faster outage notification and restoration
Enhanced customer service
Enhanced customer service
More customer programs
More customer programs
Smart Meter Deployment Schedule


Texas installations will begin in spring 2023 and continue through mid-2025.

Customers will soon be able to enter their zip codes to find out when their new meter will be installed.

Smart Meter Deployment Schedule

Smart Meter Surcharge

EPE customers will be charged a monthly fee to cover the cost of the smart meter installation. To help offset this surcharge, customers can use the smart meter technology to manage their energy use and control costs.

Texas Surcharge

Rate No. Rate Class Monthly Surcharge
Rate No. 01 Rate Class Residential Monthly Surcharge $2.05
Rate No. 02 Rate Class Small General Service Monthly Surcharge $5.18
Rate No. 07 Rate Class Outdoor Recreational Lighting Monthly Surcharge $7.55
Rate No. 09 Rate Class Government Traffic Signal Monthly Surcharge $4.17
Rate No. 11-TOU Rate Class Time of Use Municipal Pumping Monthly Surcharge $9.96
Rate No. 22 Rate Class Irrigation Monthly Surcharge $7.25
Rate No. 24 Rate Class General Service Monthly Surcharge $9.72
Rate No. 25 Rate Class Large Power Monthly Surcharge $12.39
Rate No. 34 Rate Class Cotton Gin Monthly Surcharge $8.77
Rate No. 41 Rate Class City and County Service Monthly Surcharge $10.40
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