Ecologically Speaking

 At El Paso Electric, we’re on a mission to continue providing cleaner and greener power to our customers and we’ve made major advancements to accomplish this, such as introducing new efficient power generation units, going 100% coal free and launching our groundbreaking Community Solar program.

As we enter into this era of clean energy production, we’re committed to continue working to further reduce our carbon footprint through technological innovation and expanding our efforts to understand and protect the delicate balance of nature in our region.

To Protect and Preserve

The Chihuahuan Desert is an amazing ecosystem containing a surprising diversity of plant and animal life, which is something to be cherished by all who call it home. So, as we grow, we do so responsibly and as a steward of our environment.

Bee Kind

Pollinators, such as bees, play an important role in agriculture and are critical to ensuring a healthy food chain. We take extra precautions to protect these creatures and make sure that our work doesn’t interfere with theirs. We’re committed to using non-lethal methods to handle bee hives, wherever we can do so safely. So, if you ever encounter bees nesting on our equipment, you can rest assured that we’ll work to have them safely relocated to an area that can benefit from their pollination.

Environmental Efforts Bee Kind

Every Drop Counts

Water is vital for the work we do. We use water for power generation, cooling and pollution control. But we understand that water is a precious resource in our arid region and strive to minimize overall use. In some cases, we use reclaimed wastewater for our processes, and maximize water reuse by recycling it up to five times through the cooling towers on our generating units. After utilizing the reclaimed water to its fullest extent, some of this wastewater is used to irrigate grazing land in the desert. El Paso Electric is constantly looking for new strategies to maximize water conservation.

Environmental Efforts Avian Program

Our Feathered Friends

Did you know that when it comes to Texas, our desert region is second only to the Gulf Coast in regard to avian diversity? There are an estimated 800 species of birds in North America and as many as 380 species have been documented in our service territory. We are located in a major migratory bird corridor and have diverse habitats, from rivers and mountains to the desert scrub in between. From burrowing owls to red tailed hawks, we do our part to make sure they nest and migrate with as little interference as possible.

We believe in doing all this and more to protect our environment so that you and your family can enjoy it for generations to come.

View our Corporate Sustainability Reports here.  

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