Transmission Notices

July 20, 2018:  System conditions are such that EPE System Operations anticipates an EPIC limitation of 900 MW.  Arrangements to bring power into the EPE system above 900 MW should come from the Eddy DC Terminal until further notice.  SNMIC values are different from EPIC.  Customers interested in SNMIC availability should consult the SNMIC values posted elsewhere.

EPE Transmission Expansion Plan

The El Paso Electric Company System Expansion Plan 2024-2033 contains a forecast of recommended electrical transmission additions and modifications needed to maintain system reliability. Read or download the full report below.


EPE Transmission Real Time Data

Review weekly and daily data from El Paso Electric’s Energy Management System (EMS). You must first read and agree to the EMS Data Disclaimer and Release before proceeding to the data.

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EPE Documents

This section contains meeting notes from El Paso Electric Transmission Planning Meetings and other important documentation concerning transmission operating procedures. Click here to see current reports and more.

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Standards of Conduct

This section contains all relevant documentation about El Paso Electric’s written procedures implementing the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Standards of Conduct. Click here to learn more and to view this documentation.

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Transmission Tariffs and Pending Tariff Filings

Click here to see detailed information on current and pending service agreements and tariff filings in Texas and New Mexico.

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