EPE Files For Approval of Advanced Metering System in Texas

In our efforts to enhance our infrastructure, EPE filed for approval of its Advanced Metering System (AMS) Deployment Plan to the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) on April 19, 2021. Read More. 

To read the full filing, click here. To follow the filing at the PUCT, click here

Notice of Apllication for Approval of Advanced Metering System (AMS)

What Are Advanced Meters?

​Advanced or “smart” meters are next-generation digital, electric meters that wirelessly send regular meter readings to your energy provider in a safe, secure, and automatic way. This provides more accurate billing, better power quality and reliability, and a better understanding of your energy usage and control of your bill.

Features and Benefits

Advanced Metering System

The innovative technology inside advanced meters will allow for two-way communication between you and EPE, offering you:

  • Enhanced customer service – The advanced data gathered assists our Customer Care representatives in expediting and more effectively addressing customer billing questions and concerns.
  • Remote meter reading and activation – Advanced meters can be read and controlled remotely, meaning no more waiting for estimated bills or meter readers and easier service activation or transfer.
  • Faster restoration – Outage locations and problems can be pinpointed, allowing for a quicker power restoration.
  • Improved access to your energy – Detailed, near-real-time usage information gives you more control over your energy use, down to 15-minute increments that show you what times of day you use the most energy.
  • Energy comparisons – Review how your energy use compares to that of neighboring homes.
  • Control costs – Manage costs with online access to customized usage analytics. Set up high-bill alerts and get personalized tips to help to avoid them.
  • Even more pricing options – Take advantage of dynamic customer pricing programs like budget billing, time-of-use, pre-pay and other pricing rates that better match your energy habits.


Creating a Smarter Energy Grid

Advanced metering systems are the foundation of a smarter, more advanced power grid. A smart grid will give us the tools to meet growing energy challenges and help keep power affordable and reliable for you.

About Electromagnetic Fields

Electric and magnetic fields (EMF) are invisible fields of force that surround any electrical device. Electric and magnetic fields are found everywhere electricity is used, such as many common household appliances. This can include your microwave, clothes washer and dryer, stove, lamps, hair dryer, TV, computer, cell phones, and more.

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