Renewable Energy Classroom

El Paso Electric has been a leader in low carbon generation and will remain so moving forward. That’s why we have shifted towards increasing our renewable energy to provide clean energy to our customers. But, what makes renewable energy different? To start, renewable energy is not only helpful for our planet, but for people and future generations as well. From solar to wind and even water, read on to learn all about clean energy and how we can use it to help create a cleaner greener future.

Energy Library Residential

See in-depth information on home energy use for both new and existing homeowners.

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Energy Library Business

Review information about commercial energy systems for industries such as fast food, retail stores and commercial operations of all descriptions.

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Educate Yourself
About Scams

There are several scams circulating in our community involving people claiming to be
El Paso Electric employees who try to access your debit or credit card numbers. Be prepared and learn more about scams now.

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Learn to Read
Your Meter

Some meters are digital and reading them is fairly simple. Other meters operate using gears and turn dials. You can find more information on meters and how to read them here.

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Education FAQs

Energy production is fascinating and there is so much to learn about the way we generate electricity. In this section, you can see everything from energy libraries and energy efficiency calculators, to fun information for kids.

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Education Program

LivingWise provides teachers, students, and parents the opportunity to explore energy efficiency and the role it plays in our daily lives. This fun program helps 5th and 6th grade students learn about the exciting world of electricity.

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Power Pack Activity Books

Meet Ernie G. Watts and the entire Power Pack by downloading the activity books here.

2020 Virtual STEAM Camp Workbook

Download your very own virtual STEAM camp workbook to complete these cool and interactive experiments here.

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