Key Industries

Historically and continuing through to today, the Paso del Norte region has always served as a strategic gateway for the movement of people, goods and services between the West and East coasts, and even beyond North America. Thanks to a widely diversified economy that ranges from business services and manufacturing to government defense and research facilities, the Paso del Norte region provides corporations, small businesses, and individuals with the tools and resources to thrive and succeed.

  • Data centers
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Scientific and Industrial R&D
  • Corporate Relocations


Data Centers

El Paso Electric’s region offers attractive business locations for technology companies, co-location facilities and onsite data centers. Our region’s major advantages include cost-competitive electric power with excellent reliability and capacity, redundant fiber, high performance of solar resources and a pro-business climate. 

Strong access to bandwidth and fiber 
Multiple major fiber providers serve EPE markets with both long and short haul fiber.

Strong access to bandwidth and fiber Map



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