Posted on March 4, 2024

EEI, IBEW Present Edwin D. Hill Award to El Paso Electric and IBEW Local 960

WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 4, 2024) – The Edison Electric Institute (EEI) and the International 
Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) today presented the Edwin D. Hill Award to El Paso 
Electric and IBEW Local 960. This distinguished award recognizes efforts to advance state and 
local initiatives on behalf of EEI’s member electric companies and IBEW members. 

In 2023, El Paso Electric and IBEW Local 960 partnered to help present a clear vision for El 
Paso’s energy grid of the future. El Paso Electric and IBEW Local 960 worked together to 
educate local leaders and customers about a risky and complex ballot initiative that was being 
funded and pushed by out-of-state groups. They also educated community members about El 
Paso Electric’s commitment and plan to deliver resilient clean energy to all customers reliably 
and affordably. They engaged with local businesses, policymakers, and environmental groups to 
map out the best path forward for making El Paso’s energy grid stronger, smarter, cleaner, and 
more secure.

“IBEW Local 960 and El Paso Electric proved their commitment to community engagement and 
voter education and by doing so helped ensure reliant and clean energy for El Paso customers,” 
said IBEW International President Kenneth Cooper. “Local 960 and El Paso Electric showed how labor and management can come together when it comes promoting a secure, modern, and clean energy grid and good, middle-class jobs for every energy worker.”

“Through their partnership and their work, El Paso Electric and IBEW Local 960 reinforced their 
strong commitment to the customers they serve and demonstrated the value of community 
engagement and education,” said EEI President and CEO Dan Brouillette. “The leadership of El 
Paso Electric and IBEW Local 960 is helping to shape the future of our industry.” 

“Our partnership with IBEW Local 960, spanning nearly eight decades, stands as a pillar of our 
region’s grid reliability and progress. Together, we are committed to ensuring that our leaders 
comprehend, uphold and advocate for policies that align with our mission of providing our 
region with safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy,” said Kelly Tomblin, EPE President 
and CEO. “I am proud of the formidable alliance between EPE and IBEW Local 960 that was a 
testament to the power of solidarity in the face of adversity as we stood shoulder to shoulder to 
ensure that jobs were preserved, futures were secured and progress continued unabated. Our 
efforts resulted in the decisive defeat of a dangerous charter initiative in the past and we will 
remain an unwavering force ready to defend our mission in the future.”

Under the leadership of former IBEW International President Edwin D. Hill, the IBEW and EEI 
came together to create the National Labor and Management Public Affairs Committee (National 
LAMPAC). National LAMPAC strives to foster collaboration and partnership among electric 
company executives and IBEW leaders to address the nation’s energy challenges and to achieve 
the common goals of running a well-managed, efficient business with a safe and highly skilled 

Hill was a transformative trade unionist who modernized and shepherded the IBEW through one 
of the deepest recessions in history. During his tenure, the IBEW held fast to its history and 
traditions while making key changes to modernize and to preserve the IBEW’s influence as one 
of North America’s most powerful voices for working people.

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