Posted on April 29, 2019

El Paso Electric Customers in Texas to See Decrease on Bills This Summer

El Paso Electric Customers in Texas to See Decrease on Bills This Summer

El Paso Electric files for temporary fuel refund 

TEXAS – El Paso Electric (EPE) customers who reside in Texas will see a decrease on their electric bills during the peak usage season of the summer as EPE files to issue a temporary fuel refund.

The filing includes a request to issue the refund over a four-month period. If both the refund and refund period are approved, the average residential customer will see a monthly savings ranging from $4.57 to $5.43 per month from June through September 2019. Large commercial customers will receive a one-time credit in June 2019.

“As the temperatures continue to rise and energy usage typically increases, the proposed temporary fuel refund is timely for our Texas customers,” said Eddie Gutierrez, Vice President of Strategic Communications, Customer and Community Engagement.  “While this refund can help manage monthly summer electric bills, customers should continue to be mindful of their energy usage during the summer season.”

EPE is permitted by its regulators to only recover the actual fuel expenses and any over-recoveries are then subject to refund. EPE filed the interim fuel refund with the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT), the City of El Paso and the other incorporated cities and towns within its Texas service territory on April 29, 2019.

About the Texas Fuel Factor

The fuel factor is designed to recover the cost of the fuel used to generate electricity, a cost EPE incurs supplying electricity to customers. EPE adjusts fuel factors periodically to more accurately reflect the current and forecasted cost of fuel. EPE does not earn a profit on fuel costs.

About El Paso Electric

El Paso Electric is a regional electric utility providing generation, transmission and distribution service to approximately 426,000 retail and wholesale customers in a 10,000 square mile area of the Rio Grande valley in west Texas and southern New Mexico. El Paso Electric's common stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol EE.


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