Posted on January 25, 2024

El Paso Electric Hosts Participating Contractors for Energy Efficiency Programs Kickoff Event

EL PASO, Texas  (January 25, 2024) – El Paso Electric (EPE) held its annual Texas Energy Efficiency programs kickoff event for participating contractors and recognized the top six participating contractors who have helped homeowners and businesses reduce their electric bills and carbon footprints by making their spaces more energy efficient. In 2023, our participating contractors helped Texas residential customers save nearly $2.2 million on their energy bills and avoided the emissions of over 3,800 metric tons of carbon dioxide.

2023 Top Participating Contractors for Texas Residential and Income-Qualified Programs:

  • EP Mechanical Technologies
  • Window World
  • Anchor Air

2023 Top Participating Contractors for Texas Small Commercial Solutions Program:

  • EcoWorx, Inc.
  • Garden Grove Nutrients & Lighting
  • Energyworks

More than 70 partners learned about the latest developments in the energy efficiency field, such as new and existing program measures and rebates. EPE is proud to offer many energy efficiency incentives to residential, income-qualified and commercial customers to save money and energy.

Energy efficiency incentives available to residential and income-qualified customers:

  • Installing high-efficiency roofing materials to reflect solar heat instead of allowing it to be absorbed into the home or building.
  • Solar screens installed on south- or west-facing windows or glass doors to block at least 65% of solar heat.
  • Installing a Energy Star® Window AC unit
  • Texas residential customers can find more incentives by visiting

Energy efficiency incentives available to commercial customers:

  • Indoor and outdoor high-efficiency LED commercial lighting uses 75% less energy and can significantly lower energy costs.
  • Upgrading to ENERGY STAR© certified commercial kitchen equipment.
  • Upgrading to HVAC systems use 10% less energy than standard equipment.
  • Texas commercial customers can find more incentives by visiting
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