Posted on June 19, 2023

El Paso Electric Prepares Year-round for High Temperature Season

EL PASO, Texas (June 16, 2023) – El Paso Electric (EPE) is ready to provide the energy our customers need during the expected high-temperature season our region experiences each year.

EPE works 24/7 to ensure that our system is reliable and that our customers stay connected. To prepare for extreme heat and maintain reliable service, each spring, our crews work diligently to identify areas within our infrastructure that need to be updated, repaired, or replaced.

How EPE ensures reliability:

·    Line crews perform maintenance and inspection on major transmission lines.

·    We secure additional equipment commonly affected during the summer months.

·    Line crews are available during on-peak hours with highest customer energy use.

·    We coordinate seasonal readiness across our four local power plants.

·    We evaluate normal and emergency operating procedures.

When unforeseen circumstances do occur, EPE is ready to respond safely and quickly to restore power to our customers.

How customers can report a power outage:

·    Log in to their My Account Portal.

·    Call (915) 877-3400 in Texas and (575) 523-7591 in New Mexico.

·    Use the My EPE app.

Customers are encouraged to save on their bills by conserving energy and participating in EPE’s energy efficiency programs. EPE offers a variety of financial incentives to help offset the cost of making energy upgrades. Learn more and choose a program that fits your needs by visiting

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