Posted on February 2, 2022

El Paso Electric President and CEO Issues Statement on Winter Preparedness

El Paso Electric President and CEO Issues Statement on Winter Preparedness

EL PASO, TX – Every September, El Paso Electric (EPE) initiates its winter weather protocol to prepare its generation stations and power grid for the possibility of inclement weather. This preparation involves fuel resource adequacy evaluations, various grid hardening measures and plant weatherization initiatives, among other steps. With weather forecasts projecting freezing temperatures over the next couple of days, EPE President and CEO Kelly A. Tomblin issues the following statement:

“EPE has been preparing for months to handle inclement weather that can be experienced during the winter season. During this time, we have reviewed and executed on our preparedness plan to minimize any impact to customers during the extreme weather expected in our region. While unforeseen circumstances can occur that may be outside of our control, we are ready to respond safely and quickly to prevent power outages and restore power to customers in any event of a service disruption. Over the next couple of days, we will have additional crews deployed throughout our service region ready to respond to any event. Our power generation teams will remain vigilant in their oversight at our power stations and have ensured additional fuel resources are available in case weather events cause supply limitations. As we work to keep our community connected and safe, we encourage everyone to do what they can to also remain safe during these extreme conditions. As with last February’s freeze, I am confident we have the most committed team to oversee any system issues.”

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