Posted on February 19, 2018

SCAM ALERT: El Paso Electric Warns Customers of a Rise in Scams

El Paso Electric (EPE) has seen an increase in the number of scam calls reported this month. The scams reported involve the threat to disconnect service if payment is not made immediately. Customers are being asked to purchase a prepaid debit card and are provided with a number to call back to make the payment over the phone. The phone number used to call back for payment is not an EPE-associated phone number.

As these scams become more sophisticated, customers should hang up and call an El Paso Electric phone number to report the call or inquire about the current status of their account. EPE will never ask customers to purchase a prepaid debit card to make a payment over the phone.

EPE recommends the following tips to protect customers from potential scams:

  • Be suspicious of callers asking for payment, especially if they require payment with a prepaid debit card. EPE has various payment methods through authorized payment options.
  • If there are any questions regarding the authenticity of the caller claiming to represent EPE, report the issue at (915) 543-5970 or (575) 526-5555.
  • Do not offer any confidential information unless the customer initiated the contact with EPE customer service at one of the above numbers.

Scammers can mask a call to make it appear the call was originated by EPE. If you have any doubt about the authenticity of a caller, hang up and call EPE directly at any of the numbers below:

  • (915) 543-5970
  • (575) 526-5555

For a complete list of EPE authorized payment options or for financial assistance in Texas, please click here. For a complete list of EPE authorized payment options or for financial assistance in New Mexico, please click here.

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