Typical residential bills consist of the following tariff schedule components:

  • TX Residential Service
    • Customer Charge: The customer charge recovers costs incurred in making service available including meter and meter reading costs, billing, record keeping and customer service costs.
    • Energy Charge: The energy charge is to recover costs associated with producing and distributing electricity. Customers have two options:
      • Standard – Seasonal energy charges, with the summer season (May through October) charge higher than in the winter season (November through April) charge. During the Summer season, all energy use in excess of 600 kWh is billed at a higher rate than the first 600 kWh.
      • Time-of-Use – Customers that can easily reduce their energy use on weekdays (Monday through Friday), between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m., during the summer season (June through September) can benefit from this energy charge option due to its significantly lower price than the Standard rate option.
  • Federal Tax Refund Factor - FTRF
    • The customer rate credit reflected in this tariff is calculated for each rate class as a percent (%) factor and then applied to the non-fuel base rate charges of the customer bill. The reduction will appear as a separate line item on the customer’s monthly bill and shall be titled "Federal Tax Credit".
  • Fixed Fuel Factor
    • Fuel Charge: This charge recovers the cost of any fuels used to generate the electricity we provide.         
  • Fuel Interim (Refund)/Surcharge
    • Fuel (Refund) or Surcharge amount  applied as a per kWh factor or directly assigned to Customer's monthly bill.
  • Texas Merger Rate Credit Factor - MCRF
    • The MRCF is calculated as a kilowatt hour (kWh) credit factor multiplied by the billed energy component of the customer bill. The resulting merger rate credit amount will appear as a separate line item on the customer monthly bill and shall be titled “Merger Rate Credit”. 
  • Supplemental El Paso City Franchise Fee
    • The Supplemental El Paso City Franchise Fee is to recover the associated costs of the franchise fees charged by the City of El Paso. This fee applies only to customers that are billed for electric service within the El Paso city limits. 

Below are all the tariff schedules applicable to all residential customers. To view the tariff schedules, click on the rate you would like to review.

Most Common Tariff Schedules for Residential Customers Effective Date
TXRT01 Residential Service Rate 01/01/2018
Other Available Tariff Schedules  
TXRT28 Area Lighting Service Rate 01/01/2018
TXRT48 Non-Firm Purchased Power Service from Distributed Generators, Distributed Renewable Generators and Qualifying Facilities 01/01/2018
TXRTDG Interconnection and Parallel Operation of Distributed Generation 01/01/2018
TXRTEVC Electric Vehicle Charging Rate 01/01/2018
TXRTCS Community Solar Rate 04/07/2021
Riders and Rate Adjustments  
TXRT98 Fixed Fuel Factor 11/01/2021
TXRT98-FIRS Fuel Interim (Refund)/Surcharge 10/01/2021
TXRT96 Military Base Discount Recovery Factor - MBDRF 09/01/2021
TXRT97 Energy Efficiency Cost Recovery Factor - EECRF 01/01/2022
TXRT99 Miscellaneous Service Charges 01/01/2018
TX Federal Tax Refund Factor 04/01/2021
TX Supplemental El Paso City Franchise Fee 10/01/2018
TX Distribution Cost Recovery Factor - DCRF 03/01/2021
TX Transmission Cost Recovery Factor - TCRF 03/01/2020
TX Merger Rate Credit Factor - MRCF 08/01/2020


Purchased Power Adjustments

Disclaimer: The tariff schedules provided above are for informational purposes only. The official tariff schedules are on file with the Public Utility Commission of Texas and prevail in the event of any differences. El Paso Electric Company makes no warranty or representation that a particular tariff schedule chosen by a customer is available to or suitable for that customer. Customers are encouraged to contact El Paso Electric Company directly to make certain of the applicability of a desired tariff schedule for their service requirements.

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