El Paso Electric’s Board of Directors and the members of their management team are committed to upholding strong, responsible corporate governance which is vital to meeting our growth and sustainability objectives. Their guidance promotes accountability and transparency, but most importantly, helps to ensure that our company can do what it does best — meeting and providing for our region’s energy needs in a sustainable manner. To learn more about the company’s structure as well as the composition of the board and its committees, visit the links below.

Board of Directors

El Paso Electric’s Board of Directors is responsible for defining the company’s strategic objectives and its corporate plan. For greater details on each Board member and insight into the diversity and breadth of their experience, visit the link below.

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Executive Management

El Paso Electric’s leadership and core management are dedicated to meeting challenges with collaboration and innovation. For more about the wealth of expertise and experience offered by its leadership team, click on the link below.

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El Paso Electric operates strictly under the rules and regulations of the Public Utility Commission of Texas, the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission, and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. If you are interested in more regulatory information regarding El Paso Electric’s operations, you can find more details on the webpages and links listed below.

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