Do You Have an
Energy Efficient Home?

Look around your home to find some of the easy ways you and your family can start using energy more efficiently today. Your LivingWise Kit is a great way to get started! Combine these energy-saving products with good habits and you’ll see immediate savings in your family’s energy use. Have even more fun when you check out Cool Links below. If you’re ready to save even more money, review the Energy Efficiency Tips with your family and find out who is the most energy efficient in your home.


Engage in Energy Saving
Habits with Your Kids

The LivingWise Program teaches students easy ways to use energy more efficiently in their homes. Help your student install the products from their LivingWise Kit to save energy and money in your home. Be sure to explore this site to learn about the additional rebates and resources available for you.

Install Kit Items

Achieve Maximum Energy Savings When You Install Your Kit Items
If you need help installing the items in your kit, simply click below to view installation videos or print installation instructions.

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Cool Links

Check Out These Cool Websites about Energy Efficiency

As you are learning to use energy more efficiently, visit these websites to learn even more and play fun games that make the
El Paso Electric LivingWise Program even more exciting.


Save More

El Paso Electric is proud to offer programs in New Mexico and Texas to help consumers save energy and become more energy efficient.

Electricity is an important service in our daily lives and it needs to be used wisely. The efficient use of energy assists in reducing oil imports, conserves natural resources and preserves the environment. Energy efficiency in your home or business can be increased by implementing energy efficiency and energy conservation measures. By using and implementing the information contained here, you can change the way energy is used in your home and business.


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