Designed to easily integrate into your current curriculum, this fun-filled enrichment program supports both 6th grade Texas and 5th grade New Mexico academic standards. Get started by enrolling now!

Already enrolled? Explore this site for additional activities and educational resources for you and your students. You’ll find answers to frequently asked questions, discover an abundance of energy efficiency tips and learn how to install your kit items.

Educational Resources

Visit These Other Websites to Enrich Your Program Experience
A variety of teacher resources are available to use as part of the program. Explore the Environmental Protection Agency’s teacher resources, the teacher’s lounge on, the U.S. Department of Energy, and more.

Additional Activities

Enhance Your Students’ Learning with Additional Activities. Additional activities and answer keys are available in PDF format for you to download and learn more. Simply click on the activity you want to download to get started.

Brain Twister
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Electrical Generation
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House Poster
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Mystery Picture Graph
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Water Tickets
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Answer Key
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