Understanding Power Restoration

Power outages are never expected but when they do happen, El Paso Electric is committed to restoring your power as quickly and safely as possible. Our dedicated power restoration team and repair crews are on call 24/7, ready to handle any issue, anywhere.

Outage Occurence

1. Outage Occurence

Customer Care

2. Customer Care

Customer Care is made aware of an outage via phone call from a customer or through El Paso Electric’s (EPE) automated telephone service, our EPE Chat option during normal business hours. Notification of the outage and any updates are made through EPE’s social media platforms.

Distribution Dispatch

3. Distribution Dispatch

Distribution Dispatch monitors for outages 24/7 to help coordinate resources and assist with power restoration and is informed of an outage occurrence immediately through a Customer Care Representative or EPE’s Outage Management System.


4. Linemen

A lineman is the first to survey the outage and determines if help is needed. Depending on the size and cause of the outage (distribution line vs. transmission line), the lineman will fix the issue or request help from additional field crew.


5. Substation

If the outage occurs at a substation, specialized substation crews are sometimes called out to make repairs. They can also help to reroute power so that a larger number of customers regain power sooner while repairs are made to the affected substation or lines.

System Operations

6. System Operations

System Operations also works 24/7 to monitor the electric grid. They are in constant communication with linemen, field crews, substation crews and other operators to keep you connected to safe and reliable power.

Outage Repaired

7. Outage Repaired

Outage repaired - The outage map, automated return calls to customers who reported the outage are made and social media platforms are updated to inform customers that power has been restored.

Remember to Always Stay Safe

NEVER go near downed power lines. In the case of a severe windstorm, be careful when you go outside, especially if you see that tree limbs have been blown down. Both high winds and tree branches can bring wires down. If you spot a downed power line, assume it is electrified, even if it isn’t sparking. Call EPE immediately and warn others to stay away from the area.

To report an outage in Texas call (915) 877-3400
and in New Mexico call (575) 523-7591.

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