Rooftop Solar - Renewable Energy Interconnection

Installing and interconnecting a renewable energy generator can reduce the energy requirements that would normally be sourced from El Paso Electric. The interconnection involves the installation and use of a bi-directional meter, which is read at the end of the billing month to measure net energy consumption and production.

Will I still have an electric bill after installing solar panels?

Yes. Even after installing solar panels, you are still connected to El Paso Electric’s grid.

There is a misconception that installing solar panels means your electric bill will disappear. That is not true. Even if you have installed enough solar panels to offset your electricity use completely, you will continue to receive a monthly electric bill for other fees related to being connected to EPE’s grid.

Note: There is a $30.25 minimum bill amount for Texas customers meaning your electric service bill will be at least $30.25 every month.

Residential Consumer Guide to Solar Power

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Click below to see program details and learn more about installing and interconnecting a renewable energy generator at your home or business. Please note that there are state-specific guidelines for Texas and New Mexico customers.

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