Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important for EPE to have my email?

EPE will send you the interconnection application for review and electronic signatures. A final copy of this interconnection application is sent to the email address on file for your records. It is important you review the interconnection application and receive the final copy as it may be required documentation when requesting Tax Credits / Rebates.

Will I completely eliminate my electric bill?

There is a misconception that installing solar panels means your electric bill will disappear. That is not true. Even if you have installed enough solar panels to offset your electricity use completely, you will continue to receive a monthly electric bill for other fees related to being connected to EPE’s grid. 

I have solar panels, why is my bill so high?

Just as weather affects solar production, it also affects the amount of energy we consume. It is normal to see that our energy usage increases during hot Summer months. EPE will deliver energy your home needs when your panels are not producing or not producing enough energy to meet your home’s energy needs.

Do I need to contact EPE before I sign the contract?

It is highly recommended, before signing anything, that you contact EPE if you have any questions about the interconnection application or if you have questions on how your billing will change once EPE sets meters for a Net Metering service agreement.

How do I receive energy at night or when there is no sun?

EPE will deliver energy to your home when panels are not producing energy.

Ask your solar installer if a storage system, such as a battery, will be installed for use when panels are not producing energy. The installation of the storage system will determine how the stored energy will be utilized by your home.

Why hasn’t EPE come to install my meter for the panels? We are already making financed payments.

EPE recommends Contractors wait to install solar panels until EPE has provided approval for the system via email. If the system is built prior to gaining EPE approval, the customer risks paying for a system that does not meet EPE's interconnection requirements.  Here is a high-level Interconnection Process to review before you get started. 

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