COVID-19 pandemic update
We are here to help customers through financial impacts the COVID-19 pandemic may incur. We are suspending service disconnections until further notice. While payments are still required, we will be working with customers on a case-by-case basis to establish any needed payment arrangements. To learn more about payment assistance programs, click here.

Please use the following link to access the interconnection process and its requirements for facilities greater than 10 kilowatts (kW) and less than 100:

Latest Updates:

The process for interconnecting a customer-owned qualifying facility from 10 kW
to 100 kW to the El Paso Electric (EPE) distribution system is as follows:


Carefully review the following documents:

Note: All Customers with an existing water heater meter must have it rewired. After the water heater has been rewired, please call our Customer Service number in NM at 575-526-5555 to request the water heater meter to be removed by El Paso Electric. Please do not request EPE's solar system field inspection before submitting a request to remove water heater meter to EPE.


To complete the application process please include the following information in your application package. Please wait for approval before starting construction. If the system is built prior to gaining EPE approval, the customer risks paying for a system that does not qualify for EPE incentives.

Note: Technical review approval of the one-line diagram is contingent upon wiring, inspections, and system installation. These must be in accordance to EPE's requirements book and must reflect the information provided in the one-line diagram. 

a. Print and complete two copies of the Standard Interconnection Application and the Standard Interconnection Agreement.  Please sign both originals.

• Standard Interconnection Application
• Standard Interconnection Agreement 

b. With each application the customer shall include a simple one-line diagram and site diagram of the proposed system with each signed Application.

 (1) The one-line diagram shall identify all major equipment including the utility-accessible generation disconnect device and the EPE metering point.
Note: Please make sure you also clearly identify if you have a water electric meter.

 (2) The site diagram shall show the physical location of the equipment in relation to the property and location of equipment on the exterior wall.

 (3) Please verify the delivered service phase matches the installed generation phase, i.e., single phase service = single phase inverter, 3-phase service = 3-phase inverter.
Note: All three-phase Y-connected systems require three-phase connected inverters.

 (4) For an apartment complex, the one-line diagram must depict the location of the other meters.

c. To receive the check for any money owed to you in excess of $30, EPE needs a completed copy of the IRS Form W-9 on file. If you would prefer to receive your money via direct deposit, please complete the Agreement for Direct Deposit and EPE will deposit the money directly into your checking account.

• Form W-9 (The name on the W-9 must match the primary name on the account, the first name that appears on the bill)

• Agreement for Direct Deposit

 d. Print and fill out the Renewable Energy Facility Ownership Status Form and Form 35 - Notice of Self Certification.

• Renewable Energy Facility Ownership Status Form and Form 35- Notice of Self Certification

 e. Mail all originals for review and approval to EPE at the address listed below:

El Paso Electric (loc.131)
P.O. Box 982
El Paso, Texas 79960

f. The customer shall install a main disconnect between the revenue meter and the main service panel. This is normally part of the outside main service panel. If not, or if the main service panel is on the inside of the wall, it will have to be added as described above. This ensures that, if necessary, the customer can be isolated from EPE’s distribution system. This is a safety precaution for EPE personnel when working on the distribution system.

g. The customer shall also include specification or technical data sheets for all required protective equipment and/or inverters for review by EPE.

h. If there are any questions or concerns about any of the customer-furnished information, an EPE representative will contact the customer to resolve these issues.

 i. Upon approval, an EPE representative will contact the customer and the customer can start construction.


After construction of the generation system has been completed and undergone final electrical inspection by the authority having jurisdiction, the customer must contact EPE at for an interconnection field inspection and meter installation. The purpose of the inspection is to verify that facility construction conforms to the representation presented in the Agreement and its attachments.  Please do not energize your system until after EPE has performed its inspection and replaced the existing meter.


After the interconnection facility has been approved by EPE, EPE will identify the location as an EPE Net Metering Interconnection site by means of a label on the meter box or adjacent to the meter box. Along with written authorization, EPE will return one of the fully executed Agreement originals to the customer.


As a net metering customer, with an approved Simplified Interconnection Application and Certification Notice, if your system produces more energy than you use each month, you will receive a credit on your bill for this extra energy. This is based on EPE’s avoided cost schedule:


With an approved Application for Small System Renewable Energy Certificate Program Contract and Certification Notice, you are eligible to receive credits for any energy generated by your system as provided in EPE’s approved NM Rate 34:


If you have any questions or would like more information, please send an e-mail to or contact Customer Service at (915) 543-5970 or (575) 526-555 ext. 5172.